Strength & Conditioning
Training designed for every level and ability. The programme is designed to help improve overall strength and conditioning. Over time you’ll be able to train harder, improve your recovery and move better.
An effective and challenging total-body workout. The classes focus on training the primal movement patterns of the body, utilising a training approach known as density training, a highly productive method for enhancing multiple aspects of physical performance, including strength, conditioning, hypertrophy, and metabolic efficiency. Strength classes will be delivered across session variations – Strength A and Strength B. Our Strength classes alongside our Metabolic Interval Training classes create a complete training system. All levels of experience welcome
A class formed of short but consistent periods of explosive exercise. Through training you’ll be able to go longer, go harder, build your engine and build resilience. Expect lots of sweat, lots of movement and lots of good vibes.
Yin Yoga
Long holding of postures and a focus on relaxing the muscles with breath work allows you to achieve a relaxed state, switching the nervous system from sympathetic (fight/flight) to parasympathetic (rest/digest). As the practice develops the mind will also begin to relax, bringing about a calmness to agitated thoughts and processes of the mind.
Hot Power Yoga
A fast paced, intense practice focusing on moving through physical postures while harnessing breath.Add Barre by BarreFly - BARRE blends the best of ballet, yoga, pilates, and strength training together to create a low-to-no-impact, full-body workout that will sculpt muscles, improve posture, and increase flexibility.
Express Bikram Yoga
A 60 minute taster of the original 90 minute Bikram series
Hot Yogalates
A low intensity workout blending elements of Yoga and Pilates.
Pound 4 Pound
Get fighting fit with our HIIT inspired boxing class. Rise the ranks with our high intensity rounds of boxing mixed in with bodyweight and core exercises. Gloves required.
Learn how to box and build the mentality of a champion with padwork, agility, cardio drills and strength training